How to Revolutionise and Innovate Your Study Space

Sometimes when you need to get work done, it can be hard to focus, even if you’re in your study. Have a quick look at the most innovative office spaces, and you’ll see big names like Google, Lego and Skullcandy. Splashes of greens, purples and oranges are used to inspire creativity and focus, with swinging chairs, slides and even nap pods.

Not everyone can work at Google or Lego, where the office spaces look like a massive playground, but you can always incorporate little bits of their offices into your own! Having some innovative products in your study space can help you keep your focus and help you create your best work!


Keep It Clean

Keeping yourself focussed on the task at hand is a skill. You have to make sure you keep your eye on the prize when you’re working at your desk, otherwise you’ll end up doing something completely unrelated and kicking yourself later on. Keep your desk space as clean as possible, with the exception of your desktop, a notepad and your cup of coffee.


Super Large Enter Button

If you’ve ever written an essay in a hurry, sometimes stress can take the better of you. Of course, stress can help you write your essay faster, but it can also play havoc with your keyboard. There’s nothing worse than slamming your fingers on the Enter button every time you need to start a new paragraph. Keyboards have feelings, too! Getting yourself a giant Enter button not only is a great way to relieve stress when you’re writing your essays, but it’s also so funny that you can’t help but be in a good mood when you’re typing away.


It’s Easy Being Green

Green is a colour that is often associated with creativity, which is why, if you’ve ever searched for the best workspaces in the world, most of them have a nice splash of green in them. An easy way to incorporate green into your work space is by adding plants to your desk. The colour of the plants relieve stress and the plants can clean the air and boost your productivity!


USB Keyboard Vacuum

Although everyone promises that they’ll never eat near their laptop, its a promise that is usually short-lived. The occasional crumb is bound to find its way into your keyboard at some point, which can be fatal for your laptop. In order to keep your keyboard in ship-shape, a little keyboard vacuum will do the trick! Not only do they remove any dust and crumbs from your laptop, but they’re also super cute. How could you not want one?


Create a Mood Board

If you work in a creative industry, mood boards are an essential tool to keep you motivated and inspired to keep moving and bettering yourself! Print out anything and everything that inspires you, that  you want to surround yourself with and makes you happy. It sounds cliche, but it can actually help you reach your goals. Having a visual concept of what you’re aiming for can assist you in your targets.


Keep it Ambient

Sometimes you need to calm yourself down, whether you’ve been going hell for leather writing an article, or you’ve been playing Fortnite for hours on end. Make sure the air you breathe is the best kind of air, with a diffuser. If you want to add something really awesome to your desk, consider getting a light bulb diffuser. Not only do they look incredible, they also keep the air nice and fresh, so you can clear your head and truck along with your work.

Your work space is a place that needs to allow you to focus. Whether you’re at work or you’re at home, these products will keep your productivity level at an all time high and make you want to work even harder, so you can be your absolute best!


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